Here at The Vision Feast our ethos is curating a film festival, by film makers for film makers.

Visual story telling is our art so its only fitting to showcase your work as visually as possible. Originally starting out as a music video festival, The Vision Feast has been a work in progress since its inaugural year in 2015, and we have now expanded into other genres. Our team works in the film industry, so we bring that energy, and each year we strive to refine, learn, and make this festival unique.

We aim to elevate New Zealand content and their creators, as well as showcase the best from around the world, including mediums that don’t fit into traditional film festivals. We thank all film makers that participate with us; you pave the inspiration for future generations of film makers, and we want to recognize the stunning content which you put your passion and time into!

Keep up the amazing work, and I hope to screen your work at the cinema in 2020,


Aleksander Sakowski - Festival Founder and Director


“Having worked in nearly every medium of the motion picture industry, Aleksander has an extensive overview of many film departments and the effort that goes into the collaborative art of cinema. In addition to running his own studio, Alekander has worked on major motion pictures and is currently active in the New Zealand animation industry.

Aleksander approaches each project as a chance to research and develop ever evolving concepts. To push the limits of perceptive illusion, using all digital and traditional spectrum’s. His looking glass focuses on spaces in time that often go unnoticed, it finds beauty within beasts, and projects our entropic virtual flux. Aleksander collaborates with many talented artists across many mediums, resonating a new generation of story telling.”


Jonathan Zsofi - Festival Producer


“Influenced by ancient culture and all films fantastical, Jonathan Zsofi is a NZ/ISL based film director that collaborates with international filmmakers daily. After his breakout film ‘Hadir and The Deep’ Jonathan began leading the Zsofi Pictures team who’s films speak of a joie de vivre amidst dark and historical epochs such as ‘Te Makutu, The Curse’ and ‘Blood of Jerusalem’. Combining a background in Linguistics and Editing his multi-award winning films form a compelling oeuvre.

With 6 international film festivals on the go along side developing multiple features Jonathan still supports grass roots filmmakers in multiple countries and aims to always give a voice and link an audience to POC and indigenous voices. Alongside this, he has rich experience in film lecturing to film production tutoring; from co-leading the New Zealand film academy and the Kings Media School in Jerusalem to workshops in Canada on film production.”