Concept Art Submission

Here at The Vision Feast we want to recognize the artists behind the design work for on screen cinema visuals. We believe concept art is a key element to film making and want to celebrate this category at our film festival.

Terms of entry

  • Concept art must have been created after January 1st 2015

  • Entrant must have permission to post the concept art.

  • If selected your art will be displayed on our website and at our physical screening.

  • Concept art can be from a film, TV, commercial, personal work or it can be student work under taken at a training institute or online course.

  • All Concept art design should be intended to be used for a visual medium such as film or TV or a game etc.

  • You can submit more than one piece or art as long as it pertains to the same element* of design (as an example - multiple variants of the same character)

  • Element* = Characters, Creatures, Environments, Props, Vehicles, Plane, Space Ships etc.

  • Concept art can be created in any medium such as traditional tools (pens, paper paint etc) and Digital tools (photoshop, 3d software etc)

Entrants Name *
Entrants Name
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If Applicable
Medium *
What medium is your art designed for
please supply a online link to your art work via digital content host such as Art station, Deviant art, Personal Website or Drop box etc.
Write a short description of the art work and how it relates to the project it is part of.
List the tools you used